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Watson Single Stack Hip Abductor

  • Adjustable Start Position
  • Super compact design
  • 109kg Weight stack (can be upgraded to a 142kg stack)
  • Pivoting back pad
  • Adjustable back pad
  • ISO lateral moving cam system
  • Lifetime warranty



(=4.942,50 With VAT)

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Hip Abductors! Define Glute Muscles. Improve Balance. Reduce Pain.

Some of the exercises for Hip Abductors do not have enough weight or restrict your ROM. The Watson Single Stack Hip Abductor gives you the ability to adjust the start/stop position to suit you. Unlike a lot of machines, this hip abductor starts extremely narrow so that the resistance is almost instant. Giving you the maximum range possible.

With the pivoting and adjustable back pad, you can lean forward into the machine or lean back away from the stack, depending on which you feel works the abductors best for you.

Better Balance and Performance!

The hip adductors are closely related to the core muscles, which are crucial for balance in athletes. No matter what sport/activity you do, balance is important. Balance is also so important in life, especially as you get older. A strong core stops you from falling. All clients need to add Abductors into their training, no matter if they’re elite athlete or starting training for the first time.

Having a specific abductor machine allows you to control the weight; with body weight exercises, you can not control the weight as easily, which could lead to poor technique – leading to injury. With the option of adding micro adjusters to this machine, it can give you even smaller incremental jumps. This can be used in any rehab program for clients/members coming back from an injury. As always, this machine comes with the Watson LIFETIME Warranty on the framework.

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