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Hybrid roller is appropriate for all applications and supports established massage-effect.
Hybrid roller is designed to decrease muscle tension, diminish muscle tightness and break up knotted muscle fibres.
It is made from EPP – environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable foam, which is very light but durable due to very good impact characteristics. EPP is inodorous, sweat-resistant, easy to clean and sanitise.

Hybrid roller consists of 2 elements – black&white mid-density roller and black high-density cylinder which can be used as a stiffening insert, smaller diameter roller or roller connector.
Very light and compact – it will fit in just about any gym bag.

Fields of use:
mobility, stretching, rehab, prehab

⦁ material: EPP
⦁ weight: 143g (including insert weight – 33g)
⦁ length: 34,5 cm
⦁ diameter: 14cm
⦁ insert diameter: 6 cm
⦁ unique design allows for targeted massage
⦁ durable, dirt resistant and easy to clean
⦁ inodorous, safe and hygienic storage
⦁ environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable foam
⦁ designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down


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