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Watson Single Stack Multi-Hip



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The Watson Multi Hip Machine allows you to train the hips through a complete range of movements, so you can build and strengthen your glutes, hip flexors, adductors, and abductors.


Here’s everything you need to know about this machine:

Comfortably Train ‘End Range’ Hip Extension

  • Excellent for people wanting to grow their glutes without experiencing muscle soreness or for those wishing to develop running speed.

Build Stronger Hip Flexors

  • Hip flexion is one of the most undertrained movements in the body, and this is the only machine that allows you to effectively train and overload the hip flexors.
  • Crucial for sprinters, hurdlers, or any other athletes looking to develop top speed

Quick And Easy Set-Up

  • Using the machine is incredibly straightforward –
  • Simply stand on the platform, adjust the start position depending on the movement you want to train and begin your reps.

Handles For Stability

  • Hold onto the handles to stabilise yourself whilst performing the movements so you can focus more on the target muscles.

Unilateral Movement

  • Each hip is trained one at a time, which allows you to eradicate strength discrepancies between sides. Effective Overload Due to the stable environment, you can effectively increase the working weight and overload the target muscles more so than using an ankle strap and a cable machine.

Prevent Back Pain

  • One reason people may experience back pain is that they’re unable to move their hips whilst keeping their lower back still. Over time, this leads to an overworked lower back and weak hips.

The Multi Hip Machine can be used to teach hip movement whilst maintaining core stability, which may reduce the onset of back pain in some individuals.

Super Smooth Movement

  • Effortlessly place maximum tension on the working muscle and establish a strong mind-muscle connection.

Compact Design

  • This won’t take up a lot of space in your training facility.

Indestructible Design

  • This machine will never disappoint you, no matter how much it’s used and abused


Dimensions: Depth: 1060mm Width: 960mm Height: 1700mm

Additional information

Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 220 × 124 × 185 cm

Black, Bright Red, Chrome Silver, Clear Coat, Copper Antique, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Graphite Grey, Green, Gunmetal, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Light Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Platinum Silver, Purple, Rich Gold, Silver Antique, Textured Black, Turquoise, Watson Red, White, White Metallic, Yellow

Upholstery Colour

Alcantara (Suede), Black Leather, Black Vinyl, Brown Leather, Camel Vinyl, Champagne Vinyl, Charcoal Vinyl, Chocolate Vinyl, Dark Blue Vinyl, Dark Green Vinyl, Green Vinyl, Light Blue Vinyl, Light Grey Vinyl, Orange Vinyl, Purple Vinyl, Red Vinyl, Royal Blue Vinyl, Tan Leather, Tan Vinyl, Watson Red Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl

Upholstery Stitching Colour

Black, Blue, Bright Green, Bright Red, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Fawn, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sunshine Yellow, White

With Micro Adjuster?

No, Yes (cost calculated additionally)

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