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Watson Assisted Chin / Dip

  • Super smooth linear bearing carriage
  • Can be used with or without assistance
  • 109 kg weight stack
  • Compact footprint
  • Lifetime warranty



(=4.792,50 With VAT)

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Not just for beginners!
Assisted Chinning and Dipping Machines are the perfect way for anyone new trainees to build the required strength to chin or dip with their own body weight.
However, it is also an incredible tool for more conditioned athletes to push out more reps and sets in a controlled way than they would normally be able to do.
The weight stack acts as a spotter; the weight selected, the more assistance you will get.
50 mm dipping handles for comfort, even for weighted dips, and various angled chinning bars allow for regular and parallel grip chinning/pull-ups.

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