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Watson Animal Dual Stack Mid to Low Row

  • Independent, converging arms for ultimate feel and maximum muscle fibre recruitment
  • Adjustable seat & chest pad
  • Self-pivoting chest pad.
  • 2 x 100kg weight stacks
  • Multiple grip options for handles.
  • Lifetime warrant



(=6.075,00 With VAT)

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Dual Stacks!

Watson dual-stack machines are one of our popular lines as you get a serious amount of weight! Not only that, you can start out light and increase the weight with perfect weight increments.

ISO Lateral movement!

The benefits of iso lateral movement are second to none! The fact that you work one side at a time or both sides together without the stronger side taking over is an idea for building a symmetrical physique. Not only this, there are so many benefits of iso lateral movement in strength training to injury recovery and preventing injury.

Super Smooth!

With our super smooth pulley system, this machine gives great resistance! A stainless steel counterweight on the back end of the arm not only makes this machine look incredible but also adds to the smoothness this beast of a machine provides.

Hits the perfect area of the back!

Check out the video to see just how this machine hits the targeted areas of the back. It’s designed to be felt in the mid to low area of the back. The lats can sometimes be tricky to effectively target this area without working over muscles at the same time, causing you to deplete valuable energy during the set.

Multiple grips for hand position!

The multiple grip handles allow you to perform over hand and underhand grips. This varied grip allows a wider range of choices when it comes to using this machine, giving greater options and a slightly different feel.

Angled Seat!

The seat is angled to give your body a tilt and force you into the machine so you’re locked into position when performing the exercise.

Adjustable Pivoting Chest Pad

The chest pad on the dual animal stack mid to low row is fully adjustable and sits on a bearing which pivots slightly to give the user the most comfortable feel. Depending on the height and other biomechanics, this will self-pivot to adjust for you. Just adjust the chest pad for a great range of movement, depending on your reach.



Height: 2360MM

Width: 1580MM

Depth: 1360MM

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Black, Bright Red, Chrome Silver, Clear Coat, Copper Antique, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Graphite Grey, Green, Gunmetal, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Light Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Platinum Silver, Purple, Rich Gold, Silver Antique, Textured Black, Turquoise, Watson Red, White, White Metallic, Yellow

Moving Parts

Black, Cindy White, Clear Coat, Coan Orange, Fine Blue, Graphite Grey, Gunmetal Grey, Poliquin Red, Rhino Grey, Sunshine Yellow, Watson Red

Upholstery Colour

Alcantara (Suede), Black Leather, Black Vinyl, Brown Leather, Camel Vinyl, Champagne Vinyl, Charcoal Vinyl, Chocolate Vinyl, Dark Blue Vinyl, Dark Green Vinyl, Green Vinyl, Light Blue Vinyl, Light Grey Vinyl, Orange Vinyl, Purple Vinyl, Red Vinyl, Royal Blue Vinyl, Tan Leather, Tan Vinyl, Watson Red Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl

Upholstery Stitching Colour

Black, Blue, Bright Green, Bright Red, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Fawn, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sunshine Yellow, White

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