UNDERDOG Squat Stand+Storage Custom – 2

2.615,62 (19.707,39 kn)


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1. All profiles 80x80x3
2. Sheet thicknesses 6mm and 8mm
3. The pillars have numbered holes in the functional part. A total of 25 numbered holes
4. Holes in the profiles laser burned on 4 sides.
5. All accessories have plastic inserts that protect the weight.
6. All accessories have internal plastics on 4 sides that protect the equipment from damage.
7. Powder coating with industrial paints.



The set includes assembly material and instructions. The structure must be permanently attached to the ground and the wall.


Massive steel profiles measuring 80x80x3 mm determine the strength of the equipment, and the solid base makes the cage very stable. The entire construction is designed in accordance with European safety standards.


Your equipment must be durable in every way. This applies both to the structure itself and to its finishing, which is why we powder coat our cages with the highest quality industrial paints. We equip all products with special plastic covers that protect accessories, weights and the structure itself from upholstery.


We take care of every smallest detail. They determine the quality of the entire product. We use the latest production solutions, so the numbers and holes on the pillars are cut with a 3D laser, the accessories are cut in CNC plasma and bent on CNC presses, thanks to which the product has an attractive appearance and aesthetic design.


The special design of the cage allows changes at any time. You can change the length, height, change the bars or add new accessories to the cage whenever you want. Match the bars to your club, training and client concept. For example, set one bar at a low height for strength training and another at a high height for dynamic pull-ups.


Every element of our product is produced in Poland. Thanks to this, we have control over the production process and guarantee the highest quality of our products.

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