UNDERDOG Olympic Cross Bar 20kg

300,00 (2.260,35 kn)


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UNDERDOG Olympic Cross Bar 20kg

If you are looking for a bar that will withstand tough training conditions, the UNDERDOG bar is the best choice. Designed for professional athletes, which is confirmed by the high technical parameters of the weights.

The maximum load capacity is 900 kg, and tensile tests have shown that it can withstand up to 210,000 PSI. The neck is also equipped with 8 needle bearings and 2 slide bearings that ensure smooth and quiet rotation.



1. Weight: 20 KG
2. Length: 220 cm
3. Number of bearings: 10 (8 needle bearings + 2 sliding bearings)
4. Maximum load capacity: 900 KG
5. DOGS: 210 thousand.
6. Diameter of the gripping part: 28 mm
7. Length of the grip part: 131 cm
8. Sleeve diameter: 50 mm
9. Loading sleeve length: 41 cm
10. Finishing of the gripping part: black chrome
11. Finishing of the bush: Hard Chrome
12. Clamps in a complete set: No

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