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Transform your garage into small cross training gym with our space saving power rack. THORN FIT wall mounted rack can be folded inward and outward for optimal space efficiency. When folded, THORN FIT WM1 rack takes up less than 14cm of space from the wall, which means that you can have a squat stand, pull up rig and power rack in your garage plus your car parked inside. Each unit comes with a quick-attach pull-up bar, set of J-cups, mounting brackets for installation and necessary hardware.


Baseplate width: 150cm
Baseplate height: 26cm
Length from wall: 60cm
Width Outside uprights: 125cm
Width Inside upright: 110cm
Height: 229cm
Inside depth: 52cm
Steel Profile: 7,5×7,5cm
Depth folded: 16cm
Plugs: Included

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