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Technologically advanced and durable speed rope. Now upgraded with new, longer, steel/nylon wire for better swing and precision. Alloy handles are equipped with special head that is built with bearings and swivel balls with an opening for placing the steel wire. With this solution, the wire can easily work in different dimensions and angles which makes jumprope swing smoother than ever. Handles are knurled to deliver secure and firm grip, even for long and demanding workouts. Ultra speed rope is perfect tool for training and competition. Ultra 3.0 speed rope is lighter and precisely finished. Handle is more ergonomic and comfortable and was re-designed to increase the swing while practising double-unders.

Modifications applied:
new professional rigid steel/nylon wire 3,6m

Fields of use:
skipping, double-unders, criss-cross

⦁ 12,2cm long grips (total handle length: 14,5cm)
⦁ aluminium handles with special head (equipped with bearings for smooth swing)
⦁ 2,4mm diameter steel wire (thicker wire for better swing)
⦁ 3m long steel wire
⦁ handle diameter: 14mm
⦁ adjustable lenght (tightening w/screw)
⦁ transparent red coating (steel wire)
⦁ each comes with transport bag (prevents wire tangling)
⦁ weight: 127g (including the wire)
* necessarily cut off wire surplus for better swing
* carefully tighten the small screws in swivel balls before first use
* frequently check and tighten the small screws in the head and swivel balls

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