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20,07 (151,00 kn)

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Trudimo se dati što bolji i točniji opis i sliku. Unatoč tome, ne možemo garantirati da su svi navedeni podaci i slike u potpunosti točni. Ne odgovaramo za eventualne pogreške nastale u opisu proizvoda, greške prilikom štampanja te promjene cijena.


Spine roller is designed to break up knotted muscle fibers, decrease muscle tension and diminish muscle tightness. Whether used as a recovery tool for nagging pain or as part of your regular workout routine, PRO roller MTR is designed to both challenge and relieve even the densest muscle tissue.

Spine Roller is much longer than other rollers on the market. Its length is 45 cm which allows for the free rolling large muscle groups. External geometry has a narrowing at the center of the shaft, which allows the spine to be omitted, which increases the safety of the rollers.

Made of resistant PVC and lightweight EVA foam, it is resistant to sweat, easy to clean and will fit into most training bags.


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