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A Reverse Hyper Extension Machine is mostly used for physical therapy and back rehabilitation exercises.
It helps to relieve the pressure and restore blood circulation to the injured area. It decompresses the spine and allows for dynamic strength development.
Looking at its functionality, THORN+fit Reverse Hyper can also be used in everyday training to reduce lower back tightness and strengthen hamstrings, glutes and hips.
By strengthening the lower lumbar, recovery time and endurance is being improved which allows to train longer and more efficient.
THORN+fit Reverse Hyper can be used with additional weights and it is compatible with all types of THORN+fit bumpers and fractional plates.


• dimensions:
• weight:
• steel profile:
• colour: black
• multiple hand-holds to accommodate varying user heights
• mobile arm for loading weight plates
• compatible with all types of THORN+fit bumpers and fractional plates

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