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5,18 (39,00 kn)

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Trudimo se dati što bolji i točniji opis i sliku. Unatoč tome, ne možemo garantirati da su svi navedeni podaci i slike u potpunosti točni. Ne odgovaramo za eventualne pogreške nastale u opisu proizvoda, greške prilikom štampanja te promjene cijena.


The new professional lanyard has been designed for athletes looking for top-class accessories.

The Superlight line is thinner and stiffer, which significantly increases its usability for professionals.
Like other THORN + fit lines, it is closed in a durable casing which prevents possible abrasions to the skin.
Designed for professionals and advanced users.

Scope of use

jumping rope, double-unders, criss-cross


suitable for Flash skipping rope
cable diameter: 2.4mm
rope length: 3.6 meters
transparent cable cover to protect against abrasion
black colour


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