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The Thorn Fit Power Lift Bar will be useful in every professional gym, it is one of the best models from Thorn+Fit offer, which was made of high-quality black steel. Each of the two heads is movable, ensuring smooth rotation and a special surface structure that improves the stability of the plates during exercise.
The certainty of the grip has been increased by the use of knurling, i.e. special embossing made on a lathe, as a result of which grooves were formed on the surface of the bar in a cross pattern. The grip places were precisely marked in this way and divided into sections with a width of 24 cm, a gap and 19 cm. Additionally, it has a central knurling with a width of 12 cm.
The Power Lift Bar was made in accordance with the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) standard, thanks to a bar with a diameter of 29 mm, it can be successfully used by professionals in professional powerlifting competitions.
Power lifting training, otherwise known as powerlifting, requires a lot of knowledge and experience. This sport focuses on refined technique and developing strength skills. The standard bar is not always adapted to the loads necessary in this discipline, additionally it has a smaller diameter.


Overall length: 2200 mm
Grip length: 1310 mm
Shank diameter: 29 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Head diameter: 50 mm
Head length with load capacity: 430 mm
Maximum lifting capacity: 680 kg
Knurling with double marking
Grip width in the 240 mm system – gap – 190 mm

  • Special structure on the head
  • IPF standard (International Power lifting Federation)

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