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The latest Thorn+Fit model of the SPEED ROPE ODIN  is characterized by high quality of workmanship and materials used. The best speed rope of this type in terms of comfort of use and durability.
The handles have been appropriately embossed to limit slipping, and their appropriate length improves the grip.
The steel, replaceable line has been covered with a polymer layer to protect against abrasion and can be shortened, thus adapting to the user. The low weight of the line allows you to achieve higher speeds and increase the comfort of exercise.
Due to its high quality and balance, the SPEED ROPE ODIN can be successfully used for home and professional training.


  • Steel cable diameter: 4.0mm
  • Steel cable length: 3.6 m
  • Rope weight: 70g
  • Color: black/yellow
  • Transparent cable cover to prevent abrasion
  • Bearings for improved comfort

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