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6,26 (47,00 kn)

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Lacrosse ball is the simplest tool to increase mobility. It’s great for breaking up muscle knots and hard to reach trigger points.
Use the Lacrosse ball on your traps and delts after a heavy upper body workout or on glutes and calves after a long run. The rubber surface minimises slipping and enables the ball to really bite into the body part you are targeting.
Featuring a more rigid construction than the standard black edition, MTR version is intended for more intense, deep tissue massage work.

Fields of use:

⦁ diameter: 63 mm
⦁ weight: 169 gr
⦁ most effective form of mobility training
⦁ great sniper for muscle knots
⦁ rubber surface minimises slipping
⦁ compact and portable
⦁ colour: red with engraved THORN+fit logo


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