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THORN FIT Bow Bar is a cambered bar that significantly improves stability and reduces pressure on your shoulder joints while squatting.
Training with our new specialty bar is much more comfortable and efficient. It was build not only for squats but also for good mornings, lunges, shrugs and bench presses.

Bow bar overall length is 244 cm (146 cm inside collar to inside collar). It is made of high quality alloy steel and is equipped with chrome, revolving sleeves and double knurling and central knurling. It is strong and stiff  – definitely the best options to boost your heavy squats.
Prepare yourself for new PRs!

Fields of use:
functional training, weightlifting, powerlifting, multipurpose


length: 244 cm
weight: 23 kg +/- 1%
diameter: 32,5 mm
length between collars (measured straight): 146 cm
deviation in the middle from the axle of the bar: 11 cm
sleeve fi: 50 mm
sleeve length: 45 cm
2 pcs high precision needle bearings per collar
finishing: high quality steel and harden chrome sleeves

– 19,5 cm knurl (4 cm from sleeve)
– knurl mark
– 20 cm knurl
– lack of knurling
– center knurl 20 cm

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