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SLAM BALL TRAINING BALL is a ball made of thick, soft rubber, high durability ball filled with synthetic sand, designed for dynamic hitting the ground.


The ball is designed for intensive SLAM training. It is entirely made of rubber, which means that it is much better and more practical than the leather versions, in which the seams often break. The ball is waterproof, so you can train it also outdoors. Specially selected rubber in combination with a sand filling means that the ball does not bounce off the ground and is ideal for intensive slam ball training. On the entire surface of the ball there are protrusions formed in a non-slip tread, which makes it easier to grip the ball, ensuring precision of movement and comfort even during very dynamic exercises.

Balls come in different weight versions. Beginners will appreciate the ball versions from 2 to 10 kg, with a small pitch every 1 kg. More advanced practitioners can choose from balls weighing 15 to 90 kg.

Product use:

Cross training. Training with a slam ball is a popular and very effective way to increase endurance, speed and power. Its simplicity goes to beginners, and the great efficiency and possibilities of exercising with heavy balls make that professionals also value this type of training very much.

Technical data:

– material: rubber

– filling: synthetic sand

– weight designation

– 1 – 10 kg, diameter: 23 cm

– 15 – 30 kg, diameter: 28 cm

– 40 – 60 kg, diameter: 37 cm

– 60 – 90 kg, diameter: 38 cm

* the ball dead-bounce after contact with the ground (does not bounce)

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