RING SPORT – Punching Bag Natural Leather Brown

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RING SPORT PUNCHING BAG belongs to the highest class of Premium bags. We prepare all natural leather bags ourselves, paying attention to every detail. Our many years of experience guarantee you a solid and durable product.

The punching bag offered to you was manufactured in Poland by the RING company from Krasiejów. RING is currently one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment in Poland. We achieved this thanks to the experience that results from many years of tradition in the production of such equipment. Countless hours of trials and errors, testing materials and checking durability have led us to create the highest quality products. In sports, there is no question of unreliable equipment or cheaper substitutes. Sports equipment must be durable and, above all, safe for players. Producing a reliable product that meets the requirements of even professionals is the greatest mission of our company.

1. Lace closure of the bag provides excellent tear resistance.

2. Metal rivets protect the material against cutting and have smooth edges to protect the strings used to tie the bag against abrasion.

3. There is an additional fabric tab under the binding, which ensures absolute tightness of the bag.


1. The bag hangs on 4 sections of a strong, welded, super durable chain.

2. The chains do not twist during training – the upper attachment is rotatable.

3. The unscrewable link allows you to easily adjust the chain length.

We fill our bags with several layers of different materials, including: cotton scraps (1), felt (2) and micro-rubber (3).

Many years of experience in the production of punching bags have allowed us to develop our own technology for filling the bag. It guarantees strong compaction of the material, providing the user with appropriate hardness and weight of the bag. Thanks to every effort, our punching bags are considered by many valued athletes to be the best filled bags on the market!

Our punching bags have a double-reinforced bottom with additional straps that significantly increase the durability of the entire bag structure.

An additional triangular attachment at the bottom allows you to use a lower load on the punching bag, which prevents the bag from swinging excessively, ensuring a more effective and comfortable training.

This is particularly important when the bag is mounted close to a wall or other objects that may expose it to knocking and abrasion, which may affect the life of the product. Our offer includes dedicated lower mountings called “Hakari”. We have full and empty bottom mountings with a special expander rubber.

NOTE: Manufacturer (RING SPORT) recommend using a specially designed expander rubber for bottom mounting. We do not recommend mounting it rigidly, e.g. using a chain, which poses a risk of damaging the bottom of the bag. The unscrewable link allows easy adjustment of the chain length.

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