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Caring for every detail – PROUD WEIGHTLIFTING CRASH MAT.



– a safe space for weightlifting. It is a product created for substrates that are not designed to lose weight.

– a non-slip surface that is made of top quality eco leather. This is a great help during training.

– two layers of good quality material that have a specific application. The first layer quenches the power of falling, while the second absorbs impact energy.

– holes increasing product durability. Thanks to them, air is discharged from the inside of the mat, which reduces the operating processes.

Safe and well received by the world of sport.


Working for your victory.

Exercises for which mats are largely used are dynamic movements from the Olympic doubles category. They are dominated by a large weight, and the height from which the bar is dropped is usually about 2m. When working on this type of movement, it is worth having mats that suppress the sound and energy of the discharge, which will positively affect the reception of people exercising in the training room as well as the structure of the building itself.

Details are important.


Working with weights requires precision, commitment and the right technique. So it’s good to have accessories in your club and home that make training comfortable for the exerciser and he can focus on what is important.


Technical data:

– material: ECO leather (non-slip)

– filling: high density EVA foam

– height: 28 cm

– width: 60 cm

– length: 100 cm

– one mat weight: 18 kg


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