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Sve cijene iskazane su u Hrvatskim Kunama i uključuju PDV. Trudimo se dati što bolji i točniji opis i sliku. Unatoč tome, ne možemo garantirati da su svi navedeni podaci i slike u potpunosti točni. Ne odgovaramo za eventualne pogreške nastale u opisu proizvoda, greške prilikom štampanja te promjene cijena.



Durability and functionality – Proud Wall Ball medicine ball.

Proud Wall Ball medicine balls are characterized by:

– durable synthetic materials that are characterized by the use of properties. This is a solid offer including the length with the product.

– 35 cm diameter, which is the same in every PROUD Wall Ball variant, weight distribution.

– 10 close to 3 kg to 15 kg. Everything with a view to the application and individualized needs of exercisers.

– each variant marked with a colored inscription of his weight, which includes the process of finding a specific game when changing exercises.

– availability for pieces, as well as in a set, for skiers is for individual clients, as well as gyms, crossfit clubs, etc.


Diversity in the plan.

The Proud Wall Ball is made of extremely durable plastics that can be used in many workouts.

The balls are available in weights from 3 kg to 15 kg, with a diameter exceeding 35 cm unchanged.

The ball is black, the ball weights are marked with different colors.

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