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POLYURETHANE OLYMPIC WEIGHT WITH HANDLES PROUD are high quality plates designed for strength and functional training . They are characterized by the highest production technology and wide functionality. Made of steel, they have been additionally covered with a protective layer of polyurethane , thanks to which they are extremely durable and safe, resistant to wear and abrasion . Polyurethane protects equipment and floor from damage.

The weights have two properly profiled handles that allow them to be comfortably held in the hand when putting on and taking off. In addition, thanks to the handles, the plates can be used as separate training elements instead of dumbbells or kettlebells. In the middle of the load there is a steel ring that facilitates the quick addition or replacement of plates on the barbell.

Polyurethane plates fit any type of Olympic bar with a working part diameter of 50mm and exercise machines found in commercial gyms and fitness clubs. They are perfect for exercises such as squats with a barbell, bench press or shoulder press. 

The plates are not intended to be thrown. For this purpose, we recommend the Olympic bumper type load made of rubber, which protects it from damage associated with dropping.


Technical data:
– material: steel 90% + polyurethane 10%
– hole diameter: 50.44 mm

* the price is for 1 pc.
* clamps should be used when using loads

Plate weight Plate diameter  Plate thickness
1.25kg 17cm 23mm
2.5kg 20.5 cm 23mm
5kg 26cm 32mm
10kg 32cm 40mm
15kg 36cm 45mm
20kg 40cm 47mm
25kg 43cm 49mm

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Set 1.5-25kg, 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg

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