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9,73 (73,00 kn)

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MINI BAND PRO PROUD SET is a set consisting of three rubbers with different resistance and increased flexibility.
The use of an appropriate mixture of rubber and latex significantly increases the comfort of use and durability. A clear indication of resistance makes it easier to choose the right rubber. You decide on the intensity and quality of your training yourself.

The tapes have a very wide range of applications – warming up, training or rehabilitation, regardless of the type of physical activity, they will perfectly fulfill their role. Thanks to the PROUD mini band pro set gum set, you activate muscles, restore proper movement patterns, strengthen and slim selected muscle parts.

Product benefits:
– muscle activation
– improving strength
– increasing endurance
– strengthening the weaker muscle parts
– restoration of correct movement patterns

The set includes three rubber bands with perfectly selected parameters, which allows for optimal use in everyday training. Each rubber has its own unique resistance force, so you can adjust it to the training of selected muscle groups and your abilities.

The rubbers can be used individually or combined.

The products are made of the highest quality rubber and latex, which makes the product odor-neutral, extremely durable and flexible.


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