From 11,81 (89,00 kn)

From 11,81 (89,00 kn)

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POWER BAND 100 PROUD is a product with increased flexibility. The use of an appropriate mixture of rubber and latex improves the comfort of use and the durability of the rubber.


A wide range of applications – Power Band rubbers can be used for intense strength training to improve the dynamics and activation of muscles.

Above-average durability – the product is made of a high-quality mixture of rubber and latex, which makes the product very durable and flexible.

Tailored to your individual needs – Power Bands are available in as many as 7 resistance levels and width – the intensity and quality of training depends only on you.

Power bands are rubbers that are very versatile. Used in sports as well as rehabilitation.

The tapes are made of a high-quality mixture of rubber and latex, they are deformation-resistant and waterproof.

Product Application:
– warm-up in training
– motor preparation
– rehabilitation
– medical training
– strength training

Benefits of using the product:
– muscle activation
– improving strength
– improvement of endurance
– strengthening weak muscles
– restoration of the correct traffic pattern


– length: 100 cm
– circumference: 200 cm
– width:

* 6 mm / resistance – 0-3 kg (color: yellow)
* 13 mm / resistance – 3-9 kg (color: red)
* 22 mm / resistance – 9-17 kg (color: black)
* 32 mm / resistance – 17-22 kg (color: purple)
* 44 mm / resistance – 22-32 kg (color: green)

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YELLOW (0-3KG), RED (3-9KG), BLACK (9-17KG), PURPLE (17-22KG), GREEN (22-32KG)


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