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FOAM BOX SET PROUD is a set of 4 boxes with height markings intended for plyometric training consisting in  acquiring the ability to develop maximum power and strength during exercise . It is a dynamic training based on jumps up, jumps to the side, explosive movements that shorten the contact time of the foot with the ground.

Progressive box heights – 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm  – allow you to work at different levels of advancement in a very safe way. They are durable enough to perform plyometric movements, but also soft enough not to cause damage if you miss a jump. This type of box works very well in training with people who have a fear of jumping due to the possibility of hitting or injuring themselves. Mastering the movements on foam boxes will allow them to move on to training on wooden boxes.

The boxes are made of durable materials . High-density foam absorbs impacts and guarantees stability during jumps . Thanks to the use of Velcro , the boxes can be  freely combined and placed on top of each other , which gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and improve your results. The maximum height is 150 cm. Comfortable handles are used to carry the boxes anywhere in the training zone.


Technical data:

– material: polyethylene + high-density foam
– maximum height: 150 cm
– dimensions: length: 90 cm, width: 75 cm, height/weight of individual boxes: 15 cm (10 kg); 30cm (16kg); 45cm (19kg); 60 cm (22 kg)
– set weight: 67 kg
– zippered cover
– Velcro fasteners for connecting boxes on both sides
– carrying handles


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