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The barbell is made of high-quality, high-strength materials.

Its high elasticity and ease of rotation of the sleeve are an extremely useful element during intense exercise.

The gripping part, for better protection, is covered with a ceramic coating, which additionally provides a beautiful matte color.

The needle and slide bearings used ensure a very good level of strength and efficiency of the barbell (quick rotation helps with dynamic exercises).

Moderate knurling is used, which at the same time provides a solid grip, but also does not damage the hand.


Your own Hero training bar from the PROUD brand. Thanks to it you will gain:

Ceramic finish – which allows you to keep the barbell in perfect condition. With proper treatment, it will undoubtedly serve for years.

Perfect for strength training and cross training – it’s a very versatile and durable bar that you can throw off.

High elasticity – thanks to properly selected steel. It improves the efficiency of movement and reduces the risk of injury.

4 needle bearings and 2 plain bearings for agile and very fast movements – Their greatest advantage is very efficient dynamics during exercise. They are also more durable than ball bearings.


Out of need for training.

The use of the barbell can take place at different levels. It can be the basis for general development training of the whole body or focus on specific parts of the muscles. Perfect for weightlifting and cross training.

Training makes the champion.

By using the Cross Training Bar Hero Olympic bar you get a high quality barbell that will definitely stand out from standard constructions. A very important element is also the solidity of the structure and increased resistance to shedding (not every barbell is adapted to this!).

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