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The MINI PROUD gymnastic ball with a diameter of 25 cm is a smaller model of our traditional balls. Designed for strengthening, stabilization and isometric exercises, but also relaxation and stretching exercises . Very often used by trainers in pilates, yoga, stretching classes, as well as physiotherapists in the rehabilitation of patients  during recovery exercises after surgery.

Exercises with a mini ball improve  coordination and balance. They reduce nervous tension. They bring relief in bone and joint pain. They improve joint mobility. They strengthen the muscles, gradually building strength. 

The mini ball is made of high-quality PVC material and an Anti-Burst coating that is able to withstand the most rigorous training and protects the user in the event of damage to the ball. The air will then escape from it gradually, thus not exposing the practitioner to a sudden fall. 

It has a soft and rough surface that makes it difficult to slip out of your hand.

The most common exercises with the ball include:  penknives while sitting on the ball, plank with rolling the ball from left to right, leg raises with the ball between the feet while lying on the side, bends with the ball above the head, hip raises, squats, sitting turns, rolling pelvis, chest opening.

Due to its  durability, the mini ball is perfect for both home and commercial use – in gyms and physiotherapy offices.


– Material: high-quality non-slip PVC material
– Inflated size: 25 cm 
– Color: blue
– Safety: ANTI-BURST system (if the ball is punctured, the air inside is slowly released)
– Permissible user weight: 100 kg
– Easy to clean and storage
– The set  includes a mouthpiece to inflate the ball and two plugs

* The ball is shipped uninflated

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