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OLYMPIC WEIGHT ECO BUMPER PROUD  are training bumpers made of high-quality recycled rubber, distinguished by high durability and solid workmanship.

Bumper type training plates have a slightly larger layer of rubber than competition weights. This is to allow them to be better protected against any mechanical damage caused by dropping them .

A steel ring placed in the center of the plates, folded outwards, enables quick and easy removal and installation of the plates on the neck and protects the sleeves against scratches. 

Solid workmanship and weight calibration allow for even more efficient training. Each plate has a diameter of 45 cm.

The plates are designed  for both indoor and outdoor use and are used  in weightlifting, cross training, bodybuilding or functional training.  

High quality workmanship and a wide range of applications allow them to be used in commercial gyms.

The plates are produced in the EU.


Technical data:

– material: rubber
– weight: 
* 5 kg (plate thickness: 30 mm)
* 10 kg (plate thickness: 60 mm)
* 15 kg (plate thickness: 90 mm)
* 20 kg (plate thickness: 120 mm)
– diameter of the plate : 45 cm
– hole diameter: 50.44 mm

* the price is for 1 pc.
* when using bumper plate weights, use clamps


Stand technical data:

– material: steel
– painting: powder
– total height of the stand: 121 cm
– base: 63 cm x 63 cm
– height/length of the load stick: 114 cm
– diameter of the load stick: 48 mm

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SET 5-20kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg

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