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COMPETITION BUMPER PLATES by PROUD is a top-class set created in accordance with  IWF standards .

All loads have a diameter of 450 mm and chrome inserts.

The discs are made of high-quality steel.

Additionally, there is a load on the collar with a diameter of 50.4 mm, which is perfect for many necks.

There are 5 different colors available that correspond to a specific weight.
Black – 5 kg, green – 10 kg, yellow – 15 kg, blue – 20 kg and red 25 kg.

A perfect set for competitions and everyday training.

Adapted for dumping onto a truck platform.

This equipment is mainly intended for professionals preparing for competitions.

Very well calibrated, it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding athlete. 


Made in accordance with IWF standards: maintaining high quality. Perfect for the most demanding people.

Perfect calibration of the discs makes them suitable for all conditions.

Solid and beautiful: the highest competition quality and beautiful design – what more could you want?


Technical data:
– material: steel + rubber

Libra color thickness diameter
5kg black 24mm 45 cm
10kg green 35mm 45 cm
15kg yellow 48mm 45 cm
20kg blue 55mm 45 cm
25 kg red 64mm 45 cm
set weight: 150 kg

* set includes load: 2 x 5 kg + 2 x 10 kg + 2 x 15 kg + 2 x 20 kg + 2 x 25 kg

* the price applies to 1 piece of a given scale



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SET 5-25kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg

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