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By using the PROUD GRIP COVER you get:

– protection of the body against abrasions. This is of great importance when the activity takes place regularly, which increases the risk of injury or injury.

– waterproof material that does not absorb sweat. It makes the protector retain its properties for a long time and is easy to keep clean.

– properly selected foam density, which ensures proper cushioning and affects comfort during training.

– long and decent velcro, thanks to which the protector does not move around the bar.

– functionality in various workouts. The protector can be used both for squats and hip thrusts by placing a barbell with a protector on the hip.


For the benefit of the body.

PROUD GAR COVER is an element supporting barbell training, which in many cases causes discomfort or causes abrasions when in contact with the body.

Made of highly resistant material, it allows you to maintain durability while being waterproof.

This is important, because the specially selected material ensures comfort during exercise, thus not causing any major difficulties when putting the protector on the bar.

Good and high foam density reduces the risk of abrasions or any other injuries.

Appropriate long and wide Velcro completely prevents the material from slipping off the equipment and any movement during activity.

The dimensions of the device are 40 cm long and 9 cm in diameter.


Train long and freely.

Trainings with the use of the bar are very popular thanks to the development opportunities that can be achieved thanks to them.

First of all, it is an amazing opportunity to perform exercises such as squats with a barbell held on the back of the neck, lunges or hip thrusts.

For people who like to feel comfortable during training, regardless of abrasions and unpleasant pain caused by the pressure of the barbell on the skin, it is an ideal device.  


Technical data:

– length: 40 cm
– diameter: 9 cm
– fastening: Velcro

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