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Taking care of comfort during training – SOFT PROUD GRIP COVER.

By using the neck protector you get:

– excellent quality EVA foam, which, thanks to its softness, allows for trouble-free cushioning during exercises.

– a special cut, perfectly matching the body shape of the exercising person. This increases the comfort during all activities.

– a specially profiled slot that makes it easier to put on and take off the protector. Even a beginner can handle it without problems.

– 3 available colors, which allows you to choose according to your own preferences and tastes.

– a product that facilitates training, both for beginners and professionals who have specific requirements regarding the equipment used.


Selected quality.

The SOFT PROUD GRIP COVER is a perfect example that a small element can completely change the approach to training. The equipment is made of high-quality EVA foam, which is soft and pleasant to the touch, and at the same time very durable.

A huge and extremely valuable element is the perfect contouring to the body, which increases comfort during exercise. Thanks to this, even the most demanding position can be performed freely and without fear of abrasions or injuries.

It is an ideal device for people who are just starting to work with a barbell, but also for professionals who appreciate every possible training facilitation.

The protector has a length of 45 cm, a diameter of 9 cm and a narrowing diameter of 7.5 cm. It is available in three different colors: red, black and blue.


Practicing on your terms.

The use of the protector will help especially ladies in shaping their thighs and buttocks. To stimulate the muscle to grow more, submaximal weights should be used, and the axial pressure of the barbell when doing heavy squats is nothing pleasant for the shoulder area where it is embedded. The same applies to hip thrusts, which are very popular recently, where a barbell with a weight can create unpleasant pressure on the pelvic bones. In this case, the barbell pad is the perfect solution and allows you to focus on activating the right muscle groups.  


Technical data:

* EVA foam

* length: 45 cm
* diameter: 9 cm
* narrowing diameter: 7.5 cm

Additional information


Black, Red, Blue

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