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Tidiness at the gym.

PROUD AMMO BOX trolley is a steel product that is great for storing equipment necessary in the gym.

Its functionality relates to two basic issues – wheels mounted to the stroller and the ability to see all the elements that are inside.

Wheels allow you to transport the trolley to any place.

Good visibility of the contents of the trolley, allows you to find accessories faster and more efficiently, without the need for long searches.

The box is black. Its width is 67 cm, length 130 cm and height 83 cm.

Adjust it to the needs of the gym.


The main purpose of the trolley is to store all necessary training materials in one place.

In many gyms, equipment needs its own storage, which is often associated with separating a specific room for this purpose.

So if you do not have such opportunities, PROUD AMMO BOX trolley will solve this problem completely, and the space saved, you can use in a more useful way.


Technical data:

– material: steel

– powder painting

* dimensions:

– total width: 67 cm

– total length: 130 cm

  • total height: 83 cm

*equipment shown on picture can be bought separately