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is a wide training wheel made of hard and durable ABS polymer resistant to abrasion and breaking, covered with non-slip rubber with a ribbed tread.

The wheel has been profiled in such a way as to achieve lightness and, at the same time, high mechanical resistance. The design gives increased stability even during dynamic exercises, and the rubber tread prevents slipping and ensures stable rotation of the device. 

The long metal handle covered with rubber provides a comfortable grip on each side. The circle has a diameter of 18 cm.  



Benefits of using the product:

– activation of the muscles of the upper body

– strength improvement

– increasing strength and stabilization

– strengthening weaker muscle groups


The wheel stimulates superficial as well as deep muscles. This allows you to improve your posture and keep your belly flat. In addition to the rectus abdominis, it engages the deep and oblique muscles. It also stimulates the latissimus dorsi muscle, shoulder muscles – biceps and triceps, as well as the quadriceps muscle of the thigh and buttocks. If you are just starting your adventure with this product, do not make deep movements. Increase your range of motion or increase the number of repetitions with each workout.


Product application:

Abdominal and back training. The training wheel engages more muscle groups than traditional crunches. Improves overall stabilization. It also strengthens the shoulder muscles and back muscles.


Technical data:

– material: ABS + rubber + EVA foam
– wheel diameter: 18 cm
– pin length: 29 cm

* the product is not intended for commercial use

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