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Gymnastic rings are a simple training device that can successfully replace a fully equipped gym!

Gymnastic rings provide practically unlimited training possibilities.

Hand-made gymnastic rings in Poland with an increased thickness of the rim up to 32 mm. This gives a better feeling of the wheels in a deep grip, they are more comfortable when performing muscle ups, arm bends (dips), push-ups. Wide, very durable tapes allow for outdoor training. Climbing buckles are very safe and self-tightening under load. It is a proven and valued set for everyday hard training. Wheels used in the military, Cross training boxes, fitness clubs and home gyms.


-100% of the highest quality laminated wood made of special beech plywood,
-4-times hand-sanded surface until a perfectly smooth surface is achieved,
– multilayer beech sandwich construction (5 layers),
– increased diameter of the cross-section to 32 mm.

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