MARO – Pro Locker

872,00 (6.570,08 kn)


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PRO LOCKERS are comfortable and convenient cabinets that fit perfectly into open spaces. The lockers create personal space for safe storage of private items.

Every single locker can be assigned to an individual person. The lockers with posting slots enable leaving messages or post during the owner’s absence.

Safe storage

There are numerous locking options which enable to meet the demand and the needs of every user. You can choose from a wide variety of locking systems, such as removable cylinder-system locks, combination locks, standard locks or electronic locking systems operated with a card.

Each PRO Lockers can be customized according to dimensions, textures, wood, and colors.

You can choose for variety of different lock patterns. Contact us for more informations.

Presented price is for model presented on main picture with regular key lock system.

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