MARO – BookinGO Locker Management

8.625,00 (64.985,06 kn)


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BookinGO Locker Management constitute a system that helps you optimize the management of the available resources in your modern office and cut down on unnecessary costs.

The transition to bookinGO locker management lift you to the future, providing to you customers system that they can use from their mobile phone without unnecessary keys, cards and other bargain.

Management system for even smarter fitness

BookinGO Lockers provide convenient storage space for clients with access to a remote booking system. This solution enables keyless user access via the Locker display or a smartphone.

BookinGo Locker Management  can be customized according to dimensions, textures, wood, and colors.

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Presented price is for model presented on main picture, price contain locker display but doesn’t contain any subscriptions fees.

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