KEISER M3i Total Body Trainer

3.322,50 (25.033,38 kn)


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The M3i total body trainer was developed on the basis of the M3i bicycle and enables the exercise of the entire body. The user can train the lower and upper body simultaneously or completely separately.


– Bluetooth connectivity with the Keizer application “M series app”
– The device is compatible with Polar H1 and T31 Wear link wristbands
– The drivetrain uses a belt drive rather than the outdated flywheels used by the competition.
– Drainage of sweat around the bike frame and thus better resistance to corrosion. The flywheel has the wheel at the back, which further limits contact with the road and thus extends the life of the wheel.
– Endless resistance options
– The seat is adjustable in four directions


The following are displayed on the screen at once:
– cadence
– power
– calories
– heart beat
– driving time
– driving distance
– total distance traveled
– a gear in which there is an elliptical bike


SPECIFICATION:Height: 1372 mm
Width: 737 mm
Length: 1425 mm
Weight: 51 kg


Additional accessories:

– M Connect Display


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