KEISER M3i Indoor Spin Bike

2.441,25 (18.393,60 kn)


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It is considered the best-selling exercise bike in the world of top sports. There are more than 300,000 exercise bikes in use.
They are used both in the world of elite sports, recreational sports, rehabilitation and exercise with the elderly.


– It is considered the first bike with the European certificate for accuracy and safety – EN957-10
– Bluetooth connectivity with a phone or tablet and compatibility with the most popular training applications such as Zwift, BKool and others (for connectivity you need to purchase M connect display).
– The bike is compatible with Polar T31, H1, H7, H9 and H10 heart rate belts.
– Drainage of sweat around the bike frame and thus better resistance to corrosion. The flywheel has the wheel at the back, which further limits contact with the road and thus extends the life of the wheel.
– Keiser was the first to develop a wheel that works on magnetic resistance, which ensures silent and very precise operation.
– The drivetrain uses a belt drive rather than the outdated flywheels used by the competition. This brings the training even closer to the feeling on a road bike.
– Pedals are used, they were developed in-house. On one side, there are SPD attachments, and on the other, a cage, which allows exercisers with wider as well as narrower feet.
– Each bike undergoes internal testing before leaving the factory. All bikes are made exclusively in the USA.
– The V-shaped bicycle with the possibility of adjusting the handlebars and the seat enables exercise for users with a height of 147cm – 220cm and a weight of up to 159kg.
– The bike has a holder for a tablet/phone and a water bottle
– Possibility of quick adjustment of the handlebar and seat.
– Exercise bike with adjustable resistance mechanism with accompanying Bluetooth converter to adjust difficulty


The following are displayed on the screen at once:
– cadence
– power
– calories
– heart beat
– driving time
– driving distance
– total distance traveled
– gear in which the wheel is in; has 24 gears
– calculates the average of all the above quantities and the possibility of interval training



  • Višina: 1245 mm
  • Širina: 661 mm
  • Dolžina: 1296 mm
  • Teža: 42 kg


Additional choice:

– M Connect Display


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