KEISER Leg extension A300 PRO BLK Power

8.357,50 (62.969,58 kn)


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Leg extension A300Pro BL power is the best demonstration of the superiority of Keiser’s dynamic variable resistance over classic iron devices. The quadriceps are one of the strongest muscle groups in the body, producing very high forces at very high speeds. The knee is very sensitive to injuries at high levels of flexion, so at the beginning of the ROM (range of motion) we lower the resistance, increase it in the middle and add it to the maximum during the entire extension. This, along with your ability to work with each leg independently, maximizes your workout results while protecting your joints and connective tissue. On all Keizer machines, do heavy negatives – eccentric muscle contraction.


– Offers separate or symmetrical leg movement
– Increased resistance for more intense functional exercises
– Fully customizable for different types of users
– A small compressor must also be added


The power display shows:
1. Persistence
2. Series or number of repetitions
3. Set number of repetitions
4. Current power or percentage of maximum power
5. Maximum power
6. Continuation of the device
7/8. E-chip; For data analysis


Height: 1143 mm
Width: 991 mm
Weight: 68 kg
Weight range for exercises: 0 – 107kg

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