KEISER Half Rack Short 8

12.868,75 (96.959,60 kn)


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It looks like an ordinary training cage until you add all the functionality it offers. With pneumatic loading, which is a trademark of Keiser, you can easily train strength and also speed. The load can be increased pneumatically and not by adding additional weights.
The cage offers plenty of different exercises!


– Enables training at different speeds from controlled to explosive
– The All-in-One device system, to achieve more in less space
– Customizable exercises for all users
– Power display allows performing a power test


The power display shows:
1. Persistence
2. Series or number of repetitions
3. Set number of repetitions
4. Current power or percentage of maximum power
5. Maximum power
6. Continuation of the device
7/8. E-chip; For data analysis


The basic package will include:

– Power display
– Suspension trainer set
– Extension cables for performing overhead exercises (Extension cables)
– Cantilevered spotting bar
– Rack bar catch set



Model 3103
Height: 2337 mm
Width: 1804 mm
Length: 1550 mm
Weight: 297 kg
Persistence range: 0 – 91kg

Model 3104
Height: 2642 mm
Width: 1804 mm
Length: 1550 mm
Weight: 302 kg
Persistence range: 0 – 91kg



– “Chin up handles” – handles for lifts
– Hats for performing exercises
– “Chin up” – Rod for lifts in different positions – external
– Barbell
– “Landmine”
– “Dip station”
– Platform for Olympic lifting
– Rack for storing weights
– Lifting rod in different positions – internal
– Rod for connection between racks – possibility of different lengths
– Internal stick for storing weights

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