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Escalate.  The Ultimate User Experience.  Setting a new standard, the Escalate 550 Series redefines the stairclimber product category through its Smart Step—Height™ value proposition by offering the broadest range of users from fitness enthusiasts, who recognise the value in being able to regulate step height intensity to active agers, to beginners or those engaging in post—surgery progressive exercise, a spectrum of 20 different step heights 4” through 7.7”.  Variations in incline, speed and exercise settings allow for a training and exercise experience that is more versatile than any other stairclimber has been able to offer.
550 i Console
Quiet, durable efficiency.A cardio floor favourite, what distinguishes Intenza’s 550 i Series from others in its category is its uncomplicated operation afforded by the innovative Uni—Dial™.  Through a simple twist and push, users can easily navigate to their program of choice, or choose to hit the ground running via Quick Start.  Inclusive, functional and versatile, the 550 i Series unlocks the potential of the broadest range of member demographics due to its inviting design and practical operation.To deliver a consistent user experience it’s important to choose an equipment brand who places a high value on durability as well as service excellence.  Intenza’s game changer InCare™ has revolutionised equipment maintenance.  Solution—focused, InCare™ is a self—diagnostic software, embedded in every unit, that informs operators when intervention is required.  Removing the guesswork from identifying maintenance needs, the dedicated InCare™ team operate across Service Centres in Europe, Asia and North America, 24 hours over time zones, so that operators can enjoy the value of innovation, impeccable engineering and premium design associated with Intenza products, and members a consistent, versatile and rewarding workout experience.Available in one finish, the 550 i Console is offered in Soft Grey.

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