Dollamur – GymTurf®

PRESENTED PRICE IS PER 1 ROLL 1,524m x 15,24m (total average thickness 34,88mm*)
  • COLOR: Green only
  • ROLL WIDTH: 1,524m
  • ROLL LENGTH: Up to 15,24 m
  • FOAM TYPE: Polyethylene, closed-cell, cross-linked
  • FOAM THICKNESS: High-density, 15,88mm
  • *AVERAGE PILE HEIGHT: 19 mm height
  • PORTABILITY: The original inventor of FLEXI-Roll® technology, Dollamur incorporates the same precision cuts in the back of the foam to make rolls easier to manage. Turf can be rolled up and stored when not needed.

GymTurf Indoor Sports Turf – 3-Year Limited Warranty

3.745,00 (28.216,70 kn)


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GymTurf® is the ONLY portable, roll-out turf that protects athletes and is able to provide quality indoor practice for any sport, any time, in any weather. Turn any building into an indoor sport practice field with GymTurf® portable, padded turf. When space in your facility must serve multiple sports, the ability to add a removable turf surface extends the use of any building. Bring practice indoors when practicing outside is not an option. Ideal for any sport and will not damage wood floors. Roll out quickly and store when not in use. You just doubled your training space.

Portable, roll-out turf offers the ideal traction and performance to protect players. Great for summer camps, special teams practice, cross training, gyms, schools and more. GymTurf® is portable but it can also be semi-permanently installed for day-to-day use in a dedicated area. High performance, durable turf and sled tracks enhance your training, fitness area and gym.

GymTurf® is G-MAX tested for optimal athletic performance. You will have the ability to conduct a full speed practice. A true multi-sport surface for practice and conditioning training.

  • Football
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Drills
  • Bootcamps
  • Cross Training
  • and more!

High-density athletic foam ensures you have the perfect padded surface for your athletic needs. No need for cleats, GymTurf® provides the slip resistant traction athletes need to run drills and routes. Closed-cell, cross-linked foam provides a low-impact and stable base.

Durable turf pile offers “true-bounce” cushioning and is superior to any other portable practice surface with non-abrasive performance with NO turf burns. Specifically designed for athletes the high performance, durable turf fields and sled tracks will enhance your workout, fitness area and gym.

GymTurf® Sled Track rolls are durable and performance rated for weighted sled cross training. Portable or semi-permanent installation in a dedicated area make GymTurf® Sled Tracks a standout feature for any fitness training program. Tracks are available in 7,62 m. or 15,24 m lengths x 1,524 m wide and 15,88mm high density athletic foam backing. 

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