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BUNDE FLOORING Troter Genius 100x100cm – 7mm

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm each tile

Caliber: 7 mm

Assembly: Puzzle type without adhesives

*price per piece (100x100cm – 7mm)



(=101,39 With VAT)

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Very versatile flooring, with great resistance, specially designed for work areas with medium weights and all types of machinery. It is also an ideal floor for functional work areas, stretching/stretching and cardio. Available in very aesthetic plain and homogeneous colours.

Bunde manufactures a solution that is definitive for places where users need special physical protection and an environment free of noise and acoustic reverberation.

The bottom layer of the floor is designed to absorb the impact energy when heavy equipment such as barbells or dumbbells fall. In addition, it allows you to dampen noise and eliminate vibrations at the highest level.


Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm each tile.

Caliber: 7 mm

Assembly: Puzzle type without adhesives.

Floor installation

Bunde is very easy to install, however, there are some basic considerations you should take into account before starting the installation.

If you prefer, you can use our professional installation service.

Bunde is shipped in sheets normally measuring 100 x 100 cm and four puzzle sides. Bunde planks are very easy to install: “On any smooth and clean surface, the slabs are placed and puzzle together without the need to glue them to the floor”.

The four-sided puzzle plank system makes installation quick and easy, as they can be adapted much more easily than other formats to corners, columns, corners, etc.

*price per piece (100x100cm – 7mm)

Additional information


Black, Grey, Ochre, Brown, Special Colors (MOQ)

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